Published Works

Here you will find a list of my published works in chronological order with links to the Amazon website.
Entertaining Angels (short story published April 30, 2013)-
Caroline's car breaks down on the way to pick up her husband at the airport. She is determined to get her and her daughter to safety on a long stretch of backwoods road. On this desolate forsaken piece of highway they meet mysterious strangers. As the night progresses Caroline faces her past and her present to protect her little girl. Can she overcome the lull of temptation and make it through the night?
This story is a short parable about the power of faith, especially in children. It is about overcoming the our preconceptions in the past to see God in our current situations and hear the call.
Hebrews 13:2

To Tread the Narrow Path (serial novella published Feb 27, 2014)-
To Tread the Narrow Path is told in four parts:
Book I: The Tale of the Little Bird:
A kingdom is in turmoil. A civil war threatens to overthrow the empire. After the death of his master, one lone assassin, loyal to the throne, must tread the narrow path between his honor and duty to a sacred vow and the desire for vengeance.
The sun is setting on the empire and he must tread the narrow path to survive.
Book II: The Tale of the Jade Cat:
The Jade Cat's connection to the events of Book I is revealed. Can she keep a promise to a long held secret, and remain loyal to her duty? Can she circumvent the tide of time as the kingdom collapses around her?
Book III: The Tale of the Boy Who Would be Emperor:
The tale of Akana as he searches for balance between the customs of the past and his desire for an iron rule. The narrative of Book III weaves itself in and out of the first two and reveals Akana's journey as he approaches the end of an era.
Coming Soon:
Book IV: The Tale of the Bird Who Would be King

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