Monday, August 24, 2015

Writing Prompt- 8/24/2015

I participated in a writing prompt for a writers' group I am a member of on Facebook (found on FB and the web), and wanted to share with everyone.

The prompt was to design a secret lair. I decided to have a little fun with it and pull in some of my new hire orientation training experience from a previous job. So, here's my little bit of fun for the night. I hope you enjoy-

This seems about right

Welcome to the Habitat licensed by Farr Industries Inc. I am HR Bot designate 42. You have been designated henchperson number 2211. Please, remain on the moving sidewalk for the tour during your orientation. I am a responsive A.I. and can converse with you, but request that you hold questions until the end of the tour.

You have passed through a rigorous screening process and psych evaluation, and Mr. Farr has determined that you would be an excellent addition to our arching team.

As we pass into the atrium, please take note of the arboreal theme. This will make a relaxing spot to take your mandated breaks during your hunching shifts, and it will be a nice place to rest during your down time. You will notice that although we are underground, the ceiling is modified to replicate external conditions so you may have a happy and natural experience during your employment with Farr Industries Inc.

To your left you will see the entrance to the barracks. State of the art weaponry is stocked for any incursion that may be required of our organization, but do not worry- you will not be expected to go on any missions until you have completed orientation and your OSHA mandated safety training. "Safety First."

To your right is the cafeteria. All food here is processed in our yeast vats. Using flavors and coloring, we can make the grown yeast to look like any meal you would desire, but provide an optimal intake of nutrients to keep you in the best shape. If you are hungry, we can stop now and you can partake of today's special, steak and potatoes. Yum. Would you care to partake? No, then let us proceed.
Here is the garage and hanger for all of our vehicles. Utilizing tunnels and shafts we can disperse crews miles away from the heart of the compound. We also have satellite compounds, but we here at the home office are the hub of operations for Mr Farr's global endeavors.

If you will direct your attention to the spire in the center of the hanger, you will see Mr Farr's office at the top. From there he directs all of the actions of his henchpeople and organizes both sides of the Farr Industries Inc. business. Maybe one day you will get to meet him.

Oh look at the time… Your introduction is complete and we have arrived at your superior's station. I will pass you off to your commanding henchperson for you to receive the remainder of your training today. Please report to the atrium tomorrow at 0600 for your mandatory OSHA safety training and new hire class with the other recent henchpeople hired.

Thank you for your time. Good luck with your new job here at Farr Industries Inc.


Hope you enjoyed. If you liked it be sure to comment here or on social media letting me know.

What would your secret lair be like? Would you be a hero, a villain, or the leader of an international spy organization?

Comment and let me know.

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