Tuesday, January 20, 2015

E is for Encouragement

This week, I am getting back to the A-Z blogging thingy.

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We've come to the letter E and initially, I had planned on talking about the literary use of the Everyman in a narrative, because that has always been one of my favorites, but I've instead decided to go in another direction. I want to talk about the support base that I've been able to surround myself with to support my writing habit. I want to discuss the encouragement that comes from various outlets. This weeks post is going to explore the
I've been writing since childhood, had aspirations to be published since high school, but I've only really pursued that dream within the last two years. I won't really get into the hows and whys of that, but I will say that, around two years ago I had an epiphany (discussed more in detail here). I came to the sudden realization that if I didn't quit delaying and just dabbling in my dream of getting published, it would never come to pass. My dream had always stayed on the back burner in my mind. Occasionally, I would work in my stories but never fully finishing anything.

As my realization washed over me, I decided to take an active role in my dream (so to speak). I finally edited, polished, and self published my short story Entertaining Angels. My Facebook Writer Page started shortly after that and I began to connect with readers, fans, and like minded writers (indie and established alike). It was then that I started to connect with writers online through social media outlets like Google + and Facebook. If it wasn't for connecting with these groups I would have missed out on reading some really great books. Three that I highly recommend from writers I've connected with online are- Whispers of War by Sean Rodden, A Healer's Tale trilogy by Eric E McClure, and Fifthwind by Ken Kiser. I have many more that I've placed on my to be read list because there is such a plethora of fiction out there in the indie scene. Seeing and reading the wealth of material that is out there helps to drive my passion, but beyond finding new reading material, connecting with other writers has been a boon to me creatively and at some times has spurred me out of the dregs of the dreaded writer's block.

Currently, I have the pleasure of being a part of a great writing community on Facebook dubbed, Den of Quills. If you are a creative writer type and want a good online home, head over there. We are "good people." Surrounding myself with like minded writers has helped me to keep writing. I've been able to keep the goals that I've set for myself because of the community that I am entrenching myself with.

These connections have also opened up avenues and opportunities for writing. I had the opportunity to be involved with two anthologies (but for my sanity, only choose one). Very soon, an anthology brought to you by the Den of Quills will be featuring yours truly, amongst other more talented writers. I am humbled and thankful to be a part of this project.

Outside of the social media connections and encouragement I get from other writers (i.e. crazy people), I would be remiss to leave out the best source of encouragement I have. My wife, is a godsend. Literally. She has saved whole short stories and chapters that I have almost deleted in their entirety. At my lowest moments as a writer, she has been by my side lifting me up. I can never thank her enough for helping me pursue my dream. She is a beta reader, my first critic, my biggest fan, and my greatest cheerleader. I could not do what I'm doing without her by my side.

All in all, I guess what I'm trying to tell you, is that if you are trying to write (or really pursue any dream), surround yourself with like minded people. Find a good support base, and not just those that are going to give you flowery praise. Find those that are going to push you to be better. Those that will both cheer you and give you the truth.

You don't have to chase your dreams alone.

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