Monday, November 10, 2014

C is for Continuity

Today, I'd like to focus on another aspect of my serial.

Continuity. I've spoken before about this in regards to comic books, movies, and TV, but what exactly am I referring to when I speak of continuity in relation to my novella?

This post actually comes from a reader that wanted to point out a continuity error to me between the narrations of the first three parts of the novella. She wanted to point out a discrepancy in a conversation between two characters that differed from one POV to the other.

As I've explained before, the novella is broken into four "books," and each book is then broken down into four parts. The books mirror each other in style, thematics, and tone while being distinct in and of themselves. Each of the first three books is told from the first person POV of one of the main characters.

Book I- Riean
Book II- Aelura
Book III- Akana

The narrative journey of each of the books weaves in and out of the others. To illustrate, I've made a basic timeline that you can find below. This should give a general idea of how each book overlaps with the narrative of the others. The first part of the novella (which you can read an excerpt of here), kicked off with the event I've marked at year zero and the other parts span the time from 26 years before that event to a little over five years after.

The entire scope of the serial

Over the course of the story different events and conversations are presented from the different POV characters. For example there is one conversation that is told from all three view points. For the most part, I've kept the majority of the action and dialog identical, but in each instance there are differences. It may be a change in the wording of a sentence. One character may have heard it differently. Or it could be in a description of the setting or the actions of others.

The reason I did this is not lazy writing. Honestly. No, what I am trying to do is be honest with my characters. In life, we all experience everything differently, even if we experience the same event. If you and I were witnesses to a crime, and had to testify, there would be differences in our testimony. There would be a general consensus, but subtle differences that would be based on what exactly we saw and how our brains processed the information from the event.

Each of my POV characters has a different take on shared events. They all tell the same general story, but the narrative is filtered through their own personal lens. So, if you are reading and want to glean some extra insight into a character, go back and look at shared conversations between the books. You might be able to see a reason a character may have heard a sentence differently or saw something the others did not.
If you are reading, two new installments went live last week. The last two parts of Book III are now part of the book. That leaves the final four segments of Book IV to come out. I hope to have the remainder out by Christmas and have it available for print by then, but we'll see. My initial goal was to have the entire novella published by its one year mark, so we are ahead of schedule so far. If you want to purchase the novella, it is only $0.99 on Amazon.

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